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The clothing used in the ancient world reflects the technologies that these peoples mastered. In many cultures, clothing indicated the social status of various members of society. In many cultures, clothing indicated the social status of various members of society.

Here the rows are shortened, and fanciful whirls at the proper right edge and on the collar do not relate to military models. She was probably responsible for the introduction of the shorter skirt which led to a greater emphasis on stockings and shoes. Women wore crinoline petticoats made of steel hoops under their dresses to give them this distinctive shape. The dress fastens with a half-belt and buckle. The most common headgear was the kaften , a striped fabric square worn by men.

British Retro. K likes. We are a proud British made brand specialising in bringing our customers elegant, vintage style clothing from the good old.
Spring Collection was a huge deal to us at Old English Brand. We went through lots of trial and tribulation up until the release. With the idea of Spring presented to us by Jeff Echo (@echosworld), we managed to do a spring collection within a span of two months.
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Welcome to Hobbs' USA website! Shop online now for contemporary British women’s clothing, accessories and footwear.
Watch video · A stalwart of British fashion since the s, Margaret Howell uses landscape-inspired fabrics such as tweed and linen, and her utilitarian garments stir something authentic in the soul. This.
Authentic Victorian Clothing

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History of Fashion - s Originally imported from India in the late 18th century, British manufacturers were making woven and printed versions by the early 19th century, based on the Indian designs. (), one of the best known female painters of the Victorian era. She is shown here at 47 years old, when she was.

He got the idea from her being a beautiful women and is part of the industry and the snake usually will take women for granted. In contribution with Jeff Reyes ideas, Lick me came from a photoshoot with Jeff. The idea was to have the line revolve around Los Angeles street food. We did the shoot with Jasmine Chiquito while she was eating various Los Angeles street food, and finally we got the shot.

She was eating a paleta and it was a winner! OE Gang was design by Jeff Reyes, we wanted to pay tribute to the Asian culture since we know it has a big impact to streetwear culture. We went through lots of trial and tribulation up until the release. With the idea of Spring presented to us by Jeff Echo echosworld , we managed to do a spring collection within a span of two months. After releasing our windbreaker that sold out within 24 hours we decided to bring a lightweight crew neck.

Playing with various colors as well as it being embroidered. It's perfect since it's that time of the year when our mornings are cold and throughout the day it gets hot. Its the flag that represents how stronger we are then the struggle. Whatever issues or downfail comes my way We shall conquer it.

We shall plant this flag there and won. Old English Brand x Jeff Reyes: Completing this Old English x Jeff Reyes collaboration, in a beautiful fashion. This piece was designed for a certain type of person mind, those people who choose to be a powerhouse in their right. Its for those people who refuse to be comfortable in mediocrity and what is perceived as the norm.

The people that would rather be independent and create their own lane. This jacket comes in a black jacket comes with a velcro and our OE flag stitched on. The black OE flag symbolizes how we are the black sheep of society.

Purdey is a brand synonymous with the English countryside ; one whose heritage is at the forefront of everything that it does and produces. Purdey has been going strong since and continues to be one of the most sought-after British brands there is, keeping you well kitted-out in great gear in the not-so-great British weather.

It is all about the care, attention to detail and quality that is produced. James Fox, Marketing Director: We have supported the TGJ, with great delight, from the very beginning.

We bring quality and value to footwear, focusing on what our customers really want in their footwear collections. TGJ perfectly compliments this through their journalism and also the brands they choose to align themselves with. The founder was not a gunmaker, but a London tobacconist.

But, from smokey beginnings, the brand has matured into one of the most highly-respected field sporting brands in the world, producing guns and accessories with unrivalled distinction and some of the best materials in the world.

When you think diamonds, you think Boodles. Customers travel from around the world to visit this luxury jewellers, whose reputation for quality and excellence has remained without parallel since it was established in Committed and focused on achieving excellence in all facets of design, craftsmanship and service, they are not just one of the finest and most refined brands in Britain, but the world.

But a fragrance in a league of its own — created in the heart of London and epitomising all the class and sophistication of a true gent — is Floris. Edward Bodenham, current custodian of the Floris family values, has a nose like a bloodhound and an incredible eye for marketing.

Bentley has unparalleled heritage and stature in the ever-competitive automotive world. But Bentley still produces some of the most coveted cars in the world — with each and every one of them handcrafted right here in Britain, in their Crewe factory. Since , Rolls-Royce has been making some of the most iconic cars around — not to mention introducing more automobile innovations than you can shake a V8 at.

True British luxury is the result of an instinctive fluency in heritage but a restless urge to reinterpret it. Richard Biedul, Brand Ambassador: Hatters are to me, synonymous with the word quality. Proud of their British heritage but also astutely aware that it is no longer the Their contemporary approach to millinery and textiles has lead them to create my favorite hat of all time, the Watchman beanie, which I wear religiously come rain or shine..

Dunhill has gone from selling everything from car parts to pipes and tobacco to some of the most sought after clothing in the world — both jacks and masters of almost all trades. No best-of-British list would be complete without the inclusion of an incredible UK-based cashmere brand. Enter Johnstons of Elgin. Since they were first established in , the company is still run by the same two families that started it, the Johnsons and the Harrisons. It is this stability at the heart of the brand, which has forged a powerful identity and deep understanding of quality production.

They are unorthodox, exuberant and truly fantastic at what they do. It informs and inspires every collection, every piece of styling and directly influences the vast majority of our fabric choices and designs.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to work with them and without their collaboration , our range would be far less rich. Burberry is a rare example of a brand that has transcended its country of origin.

British it may be, but Burberry has forged a reputation stronger than any nation. After a meteorically stylish rise since being established in by the eponymous Thomas Burberry, the brand has created fashion staples to become one of the most respected brands in the world — from the trench coat, to the iconic check.

With a Royal Warrant from the Queen, and more prestigious wine awards than you can shake a corkscrew at, this brand is as British as you can get, and becomes more and more established with every year that passes — which, given its origins in , is a lot. Geordie Willis, Creative Director: For over years we have strived to bring the world of wines and spirits to life for our customers around the world, balancing our heritage with innovation; learning from the past whilst constantly thinking about the future.

When you think Savile Row, several brands spring to mind — chief amongst them, Hardy Amies. Ettinger, among a handful of other purveyors of quality products on this list, have achieved this aim. Founded in , the company has build a reputation almost as strong as its leather goods — one put together carefully and slowly, and likely to last a lifetime as a result.

This includes accessories, bags and briefcases and all items are made at our factory in the midlands. Boasting a brand of stature, sophistication, success — and stripes — he is consistently and unapologetically proud of his British roots, which feature massively in most of his collections and individual designs.

Paul Smith is a simple name — but one we will continue to hear for years and years to come. Every British household will likely have, tucked away somewhere, or burning bright for all to see, a hint of Jo Malone.

Synonymous with British success, the brand is the very definition of sophisticated yet understated luxury, and has a history as varied and rich as its range of scents.

Henry Poole holds not one, but two, warrants from the Royal Family — which tells you all you need to know about the heritage, quality and traditions of the brand. Hailing again from Savile Row, the tailor cut its first suit in , and still prides itself over two centuries later on creating some of the most beautiful bespoke suits in the world.

To see ourselves alongside such esteemed company makes us extremely proud. With a factory that sits in the middle of Gloucester in a beautiful 18th century townhouse, Emma Willis is about as British as it gets. The brand creates some of the most luxurious shirts, boxer shorts, pyjamas and dressing gowns in the world; clothes truly fit for a gentleman and bespoke items imbued with heritage that will last you a lifetime.

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Garments are chosen from an evolving menu of everyday styles and available to order from our own workshop. Not only does the British fashion brand have a heritage-heavy great story behind it, it is also one of the best in the game for functional and beautiful outerwear guaranteed to last for years to come. Look out for the Gentleman’s Journal Best British Brands logo on chosen brands’ websites. British culture, customs and traditions - British clothes - national dress and fashion. Learn English Home About Us Often when you do some real historical research you will find that they aren't that old .