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You must have a branded suit in your wardrobe rather than carrying ten other slouchy suits. Kalimbre Miller November 22,

What kind of clothes do Africans wear? |
What kind of clothes do Africans wear? |
The Swag, The Style, The simplicity African men African style African fashion Find this Pin and more on African Fashion by Alesia Glenn. So guys, you know there are men and there are classy men.
African fashion styles by the best African designers and African artists!
Nigerian Men’s Traditional Fashion Styles [] January 3, by Abass Toriola Nigerian men – without a shred of doubt love to dress and appear well, especially at .

Nigerian Men’s Traditional Fashion Styles [] January 3, by Abass Toriola Nigerian men – without a shred of doubt love to dress and appear well, especially at .

Another option available for you is to wear the cap of the hoodie for the classic swag. Brown looks great on black men, as it highlights their beauty. Wear brown for a casual outfit, that is fit for all events and functions. You can also wear this to parties or boys night out. You can also add a beaded medium length necklace for funkier and more casual look.

Layers look great for casual outfits, with a paisley tie and dark shirt. This will help the tie in popping out and highlights it. This outfit idea will make you look very dressed, organized and sophisticated.

With this dress, you will be able to attend any kind of formal meetings or gatherings but note that this dress is not suitable for parties or casual gatherings. If you want some extra spice you can go for a matching cut too. Keep it mysterious with this seductive casual outfit. Keep your eyes hidden and your body covered with this casual attire.

The focus is on chains and black leather jacket. If you are not a very big fan of chains then you can go for bracelets instead. These type of black leather jackets are easily available in the markets at a very reasonable cost. You can also go for dark brown or dark blue color of leather jackets if you are not interested in black leather jackets. You can highlight your body with this great casual outfit, perfect for lazy Sundays and washing cars.

Wear a stylish, fun cap with loose cotton trousers. Loose the shirt, but remember to wear your accessories such as chains and bracelets. Keep it classic with this perfect casual look. Here, a simple, elegant white T-shirt has been paired with classic Levis jeans. It looks stylish, natural and very easy.

All the nerdy black guys, this look is for you! Keep your nerdy glasses on, and highlight them by wearing a simple, plain denim shirt. The focus should be on your glasses, so keep it casual. If you are a kind of guy who loves to look decent but sexy then this look is perfect for you. Wear your favorite hoodie and pair it up with a pair of denim jeans. The best color to choose from are dark blue, black, gray, dark purple.

The African-American Basketball player Lamar Odom was seen in an orange-green African style shirt as casual wear for running errands and spending time with his family. See how sexy this man look by wearing a unique color dressing combination. Rightly accessorized the outfit which is complementing the complete look. So make sure when you wearing some accessories it must go with the clothes you are wearing at that moment.

You cant have those big chains and dracula necklaces with formal clothing. A classic, timeless color combination and a very traditional three piece suit. It will be ranked at the top if you want to categorize suits for going to a meeting. Grey is the color of professionals period.

If you work in the corporate sector do invest in classic three piece suits. Black combination will be best with the grey color. AS light grey is the color for meetings so is this charcoal grey suit. Any decent man will be having this color in his wardrobe. Pair it with a lighter grey shirt and tie but again with shiny black Oxfords. This is also good for going to an evening dinner party. Same goes for any dress. You must have a branded suit in your wardrobe rather than carrying ten other slouchy suits.

You can also get that brand cloth and get that made from some good tailor as per your body fitting. This brown coat and black pant combo is perfect for a semi formal party or as a new year eve dress code or just going for a date.

Stripped fashion is good for any season if that is your choice and this brown grey shade is a summer suit best suited for countries with lots of sunshine. A cool and light combo with a crisp white shirt and a darker tie and shoes. A briefcase is also a good option if you are a lawyer. Weekends always call for parties and dates and birthday bashes so this slim fit suit is perfect for such events. A content writer by the day and a reader by the night — two things that she loves the most.

I really do not. Stop, I really hate the look of clip on suspenders as button bracers look so much better. The Red blazer is a little too peacock for me however, if you have multiple blazer I guess it would not be a bad option. One of the suits looks to tight as there is a x in the button hold which normally means the jacket is too tight. The no break on the slack just to show your socks is a little too ostentatious for me and leave the door open to having it too short if not done by a skilled clothes tailor not someone that is actually a seamstress.

The Londoner collar shirt seems out of balance with the model when compared to his size. As it makes his neck seem too big for his body. Other than that I am happy to see something different that the sagging pants and baggy look on African American men. We have to go to what is known as Africa. In Africa, Kanye West hasn't laid low. Photos from his arrival hit the internet, and somehow, he was filmed listening, dancing and vibing to African music. Somehow, I used to think we are over this type of event.

The event where an an American superstar, who has a huge fan base in Africa, dances to our music, and we lose it. But I was wrong. This content format still has power. Bankulli Connect Music dot on Instagram: His album is about to drop, and he's publicly alerted the world that he needs to be in Africa and its strong cultural influence to complete the project. Everyone is watching, the conversation has global traction, and Africans are supporting him. Since Kanye got heat for his infamous "Slavery was a choice," comment, I knew Africa will become a part of that story.

The past week has seen him visit President Donald Trump at the white house, and further moved away from the love of his African-American base in the US. Black people are not behind Kanye West right now. The media is tearing him to shreds. Celebrities are in a social media race to dissociate themselves from him.

Many fans aren't proud of their icon. But he is in the Motherland, dancing to its native music, and we can all cheer. The music is the best on the planet. I am the best living recording artist. We, rather, because the spirits flow through me. The spirit of Fela, the spirit of Marley, the spirit of Pac flows through me. We know who the best.

On the surface, Africa appears to be a gimmick. A play by a great artist to expand the story of his album for marketing talking points. Yandhi is already anticipated, and generations after us will study his art and point to this project as the one where Africa played a direct role. This black continent is a marketing tool for Kanye. Perhaps marketing isn't Kanye's only reason for his African trip. Maybe, the world is too harsh on Kanye West and his new level of introspective vibrations.

Maybe we aren't seeing the bigger picture. We might all be victims of this grand mind control programme that West talks about! What if Kanye West is on these shores for some actual influence? Africa has a rich spectrum of sounds, laden with enough culture, soul and character to influence any type of music.

From Cairo down to Lagos, there's enough music to add colour. A clear way for justification of his African trip is perhaps for Kanye West to give back. He is connecting to the 'roots' after all. He is soaking in the energy for inspiration. Perhaps he might actually get to work with an African artist while on the continent.

Already, Perhaps Africa's contributions to the project will be anchored by an African.

African men’s fashion: The Senegalese Kaftan The Senegalese Kaftan (also called a boubou) is an attire exclusively reserved for men and is commonly worn in the French speaking country of Senegal. Nigerian Men’s Traditional Fashion Styles [] January 3, by Abass Toriola Nigerian men – without a shred of doubt love to dress and appear well, especially at . Ankara Styles for Men & Guys If you’re on this page and are one of the brave, fashion conscious men or guys out there who also believe that it is their right to look good, you’ll be pleased and completely awed by the latest Ankara styles for men and guys we have so painstakingly presented for you here.