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Jul 20,  · [deleted] is a web site featuring skirts and dresses for men. There are other web sites featuring skirts and dresses for men. Do a Google search and you will find a bunch. Being a male-to-female crossdresser, the majority of men's skirts and dresses appearing on .

But I think it's in all of us. Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them documents. Sometimes i go to departments stores and take mens clothes to the dressing room then sneak some women's clothes and just try those on in the room. I do love my wife, but keeping hidden the things I enjoy in life, would shock her to no end, so I've kept them hidden.

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Jul 20,  · [deleted] is a web site featuring skirts and dresses for men. There are other web sites featuring skirts and dresses for men. Do a Google search and you will find a bunch. Being a male-to-female crossdresser, the majority of men's skirts and dresses appearing on .
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Free shipping and returns on dresses for women at desire-date.tk Browse bridesmaids, cocktail & party, maxi, vacation, wedding guest and more in the latest colors and prints. Shop by length, style, color and more from brands like Eliza J, Topshop, Leith, Gal Meets Glam, & Free People.

Wear your skirts, go outside, you will find as long as you are presentable no one will care. Also look into skorts. In some countries boys are allowed to wear skorts for P. They carry sizes 7 to 20 in childrens sizes. Of course, skirts are gender- less because all what was former men's dress is genderless - and skirts are ONLY former men's clothes because women in past wore ONLY more comfortable dresses.

Men try to get out their own cage, and that's totally okay. Robert, I think men should not find an excuse when they want to wear differently - they have to do it as a MAN, and it doesn't matter what kind of skirt they want to wear. Are just an addition for looking or feeling good, nothing else, and has nothing to do with "gender-bender" or other new created words. I love to see men in skirts, and I am flexible enough 67 years to see the reality.

It is just too hot to wear pants with those on. I go out into public all of the time and have never had a problem or a comment. I like them too as they are much cooler and much better for my health. I have read all of the comments here and some of you just don't have the guts to go for it. Men, you will feel much better if you face your fears and pick out the right clothes. I have to go to the big ladies store as I am a very big person.

I don't have anyone to go with me as I am single so nobody to put me down at home. The ladies in the store were very helpful. If you don't think that you can do a skirt or dress, you should at least try panties. I have tried boxers male and breifs too, and they all bunch up and pinch. I was told to try panties and wa-la no more pinching. I buy these on the internet. Well, it really worked. I don't have any more pain, so, I wear them most of the time. I will admit they are a little more trouble when using the toilet, but I don't mind as it gets rid of the pain.

As I said I am a large man, so I do fill a bra mighty well. Well, just wear and be happy Im a 26 year old gay man and enjoy wearing pink underwear and womens skinny jeans.

But I am wearing skirts and dresses jumper daily, in summer without pantyhose, at colder days with leg-support pantyhose. I do it since I have found out, that skirts are originally a male garment only, never used by women before French Revolution. Same with pantyhose, Italien soldiers in 16th century used it firts, changed tpo leggings.

I want to get rid of all this crap talking about skirts and pantyhose are female garments only, even high heels were only a men's garment in past. Who make the rules? I never had problems wearing I stated above, never I got a negative comments but a lot of positive comments every day. My boss like it, it gives him the feeling that he has some brave men in his team. I would love to see more men in skirted garment.

It is like re-installing the old male's wardrobe. Recently I saw two men in skirts -no kilts- but they looked phantastic. I would love to see men in skirts, too. I also would love to see more equality between the sexes in case of clothing - just remove all sexual intentions out of the type of clothes, then it works out. I am 62 years old and have been wearing skirts for many years I wear mostly at home when a lone but a few weeks ago I played a few holes of golf in a skirt that I had worn under my jeans I was only noticed by a few and nothing was said but I am sure they said something to each other I wish we could all live and let live and let people live life the way they wish.

And nothing will be happen when they talk to each other after they discovered that you wore a skirt. The only thing I never want to do is to dress as woman.

I wear my skirts because it is the comfortable garment for men par excellence. I can't understand men which make problems where no problems are visible - mostly made up by thinking about and perhaps some comments. Just wear your skirt, be confident and encourage other men.

They will like it when they try it, once you tried it your hooked up, believe me. You are all a bunch of pansies Who would wear a tight leather mini-dress, fishnet stockings and a corset in preference to proper man-clothes? I don't know who you are but it seems to me you already tried it as you described.

What we are talking is real and nothing to do with such way of dressing you described. I can wear a men's skirt all the time, I do not have to hide anywhere and I still get complimentary comments about my outfit because everybody likes it. Show up if you a men with a skirt then we'll see of you are confident and strong or just a anonymous writer. But I like skirted garments, too.

The reason that I came to that was an accident which does not allow me anymore to wear pants. It is ridiculous thar some narrow minded people in our society calling men in skirted garments gay or something like that. It shows their minimal education. To be gay is a sexual orientation and has nothing to do with the kind of dressing.

It is great that some gay men write in this blog. Back to the reason for that blog: And for sure, pants are not a typically male's garment wasn't nor isn't.

A little bit different the story about dresses because there are two different kind of dresses in past: Long and flowing dresses were always -and in most cultures, too- women's garment, short dresses we would call it today Mini-dresses were men's garment, mostly used by soldiers. Representatives in past wore only robes. And all was changed after the French Revolution, and now France made the first step to bring the skirt back to men with J.

Gaultier in the "s. In case of equality both sexes should wear whatever they like, and of course, females will have their own style, just pretty, men will use their style looking once and handsome. As a married man I have had the pleasure of wearing skirts and dresses for decades.

When we first were married we used to shop together for skirts and buy identical skirts just for fun. It got a bit expensive so my wife taught me how to sew. Since that time I have made all my dresses, of which I own 20 of them, and most of my 50 skirts. I wear my dresses and skirts with petticoats underneath and tights.

When my wife cooks dinner, I usually wear a nice dress for dinner and sometimes paint my nails in a matching color. I am not sure however if this behavior puts me in an effeminate class of men, because I am a heterosexual man with lots of other hobbies. It's only one poll, there are more, and it shows that it is time to extent men's wardrobe. It doesn't mean make them girlish, it's only to give men the same rights and possibilities to express their own personality without restriction.

Whatever men will wear, they are still men, same as women already do with menswear, they are still women. I mean, for myself. If you are a man and don't like wearing pants you think you have to. So, if you are a woman and you don't like to wear skirted garments, you have not to.

So, why you doing all that? I just would wear what I want, and guess what? I am doing it. Nobody takes care of mine, so it is nice to hear or read about ideas, opinions, recommendations etc.

My wife like it that I have my own ideas, tale responsibility of my own life. And so I Wear what I want like she is doing it, it might be possible that I have some "feminine" looking skirts in my closet, but I wear it as a man, and that's the only thing which counts naturally.

What other people think about is their problem, not mine. Again, I am in control of myself. I love men with courage and express their own personality. I don't want to have a man who isn't in control of his own. A skirt even a feminine skirt can make a man very strong and manly. I just can't understand that men always find excuses for that what they want to do. Tehy don't have to find any excuse except for the reason staying healthy.

A skirt for every men is recommended because: Skirted garments provide much more comfort for the male body than any kind of pants.

Sorry, I couldn't find any reason s against skirted garments in case of health for men except old thinking barriers.

Do you can find any? It is something I had hoped to outgrow but that never happened. I remarried two years ago and told my wife about my feelings about a year ago and she has warmed up to the idea more and more ever since. I just want the others here to know there is one more of you out here in the Midwest USA. I am a every day skirt wearer on Mid-West and never had a problem. Even a work very public no bad responses. I am a 34 year old male and I love to dress. I have been doing it for over a year now.

It started with panties but now I have a nice little collection of fem things. Now I cant wait to get home from work and change and let my fem side out. I dont go out in public yet but hope to soon. I learned that a skirt isn't a typically female garment because it has it's roots clearly by men.

In the past unisex, have now a clearly fem touch and in most brains it is female clothing. When men wearing it today they might feel more feminine but I think it is more the brain which makes the change. In past men wore only silky underwear and skirted garments because it was a sign of wealth and abundance, poor people and most of soldiers wore pants, mostly without underwear horseback-riding.

When imwear my skirts today -during cold seasons with pantyhose - most people like it and I can hear comments like "manly guy" or "fashionable", etc. It is like i am really feeling.

I think it must be the brain which makes the difference. There is nothing wrong loving to dress. For too long men were treated like disposable commodities. Noe they learn not to be acting just a role , they are people, unique and individual.

It doesn't matter what you love to dress, just feel comfortable in your clothes. I'm just a regular guy, but I love letting the girl in me out. I love high heels, stockings, sexy lingerie, dresses and lipstick. It turns extremely sexual with me and I've never dressed with another xdresser as an adult, just as a child, but I'm dieing to, whereas most CD's aren't that sexual, they just enjoy the dressing.

I'm thelogicgod01 at yahoo. But I think it's in all of us. Sorry, I don't get it. Being a female has not much to do with dressing, I think people mix that up. Smooth stockings are not just for females, but they were the first wearer because they like to be treated with soft fabrics and also want to look beautiful.

Everybody can go the same. Men in past were educated that they should not feel the soft side in their body just to be strong, and some people called that manly. Just stupid, but it was purposely made up and nothing to do with the real nature of men.

Men can and do feel like women in the same way that women can feel somehow like men when they are educated that way. Skirts and dresses were in past for both sexes, but only women kept them as their part of dressing, men put all skirted garments in the drawer female and called it weak. But it is a truth that the strongest men and soldiers were skirted Scots I. WW I - "devils in skirts" , nothing about weakness at all. So, all what we are talking about is nothing else than a special made-up story.

Who wore first stockings with garter belt? Who used leggings first? Men, and who's garment was a short skirt and dress? Only men, so what is x-dressing than? You are absolutely correct! Once a woman told me that anything a woman wears today, men wore in the past, save the bras. The problem is that indeed, men in the western society have been brought up to act and think that they cannot behave like females because that shows weakness.

It is about time that we change that false images and let men be men no matter what they wear, feel or think. No single dictionary in the world will tell you that a skirt or a dress is a female garment!! What you might read is nothing else that skirts and dresses are mainly USED by girls and women. If you follow the say way with pants, even not that comes up who uses mostly, it is explained what it is, a cover. All is just made up in some heads. A skirt is hanging from the waist downwards except it is very windy , it is a garment, no more.

Again, that is a made-up term we are using without thinking or reasoning. I have worn short skirts with pantyhose and high heels publicly off and on for over 15 years, and I can count the negative experiences I have had on one hand. The vast majority of people are too wrapped up in their own lives to notice, and of those who do, either they don't care or they won't dare say anything; either way the result is the same.

I love wearing skirts, pantyhose, and heels. I will add dresses to my wardrobe in the near future as well. My only hope is that I can find a job where I can dress this way without fear of losing it, so I can throw away my pants for good.

Where please is the problem? Women already wearing ALL items which were in mens closets in past. What difference does it make to you when you wearing what you like? Be honest to yourself and your body because you have only this one. There are endless possibilities when you ad some parts ourt of female wardrobe to yours -but please, don't say that skirted garments long dresses excluded are females garment - you know that is wrong because they were for 30, years males garments only-, so really show up with your creativity and innovation to wear you like.

Look to the pictures at that website, does it look beautiful? Yes, and the women too, because clothing makes a man and women of course. Just try to slip out of your tide gender-role skin and start a new life I just cant resist dressing up as a woman. It's the time when I feel beautiful, and happiest. Has been since school, and it's good to read about so many others who feel the same. I love dressing up as a woman have been doing for year but when i got with my parther.

I told her about it but she wasnt happy about it she put up with it for about 2yrs so i had to stop. I really miss it and would love to back to it but its hard to and find the time when she not at home.

One remark I like to say to Anonymous of February 4 is that when my wife got annoyed with me wearing my skirts, I told her that I would stop if she would stop wearing pants! That surely ended her concerns and she has not mentioned my "hobby" ever since.

It has been a couple of years now and I wear my skirts and dresses without complaints in the evening and during the dinners which she prepares. It is interesting to read all the posts. I have been wearing nylons since I was in high school.

I understand how many of you feel. I am fortunate to have a job wear I can wear skirts, nylons and heels to work and not be criticized or made fun of. In fact most of the women I work with are very supportive and encourage it. I work as a hair stylist in a very popular salon.

In fact I wear skirts and Nylons everyday, probably more than most of the women. There is an older stylist who wears them a lot as well. She really dresses well. So, yes I encourage you to just do what you desire the most.

I felt uncomfortable at first, but now I don't even think about what people might say. Most people are extremely supportive. I even wear stockings as well. I do not cross-dress whatever people mean with that. But I wear skirted garments daily as my outerwear with shirt and tie, and even I did not like it first I am wearing it with pantyhose and stockings and nice panties because of my wife.

She and our two daughters said if you want to wear skirts and dresses you must be aware of wind blows and people which want to know what I am wearing under as a man. And it should just look good under your skirt, and your legs should be covered and give a sense of tan because of my "cheese-colored"-legs, that would look ugly. So she went to different stores and shopped for me, came up with some pink and apricot panties out of women's department and a garter belt with stockings.

She smiled and said it's better for your comfort - and for mine. Huh, I was shocked first time but after I tried it on it wasn't bad but felt strange. Today, after 7 years, 27 more skirts and 5 dresses, and wearing it every day I feel that most men missing something good on their body. The interesting thing is that I never got one bad comment, men mostly say nothing, women usually more open and give some words to me like "great, neat, looking good on you, terrific, etc.

I saw that three women out of a department store where waiting down at an escalator, talking and staring at me when I came downwards. I believe they couldn't see anything so they gave up. Since I am wearing skirted garments more than pants I feel much more "free", my family and my wife said I would look younger and happier, and I would joking much more.

What shall I say more? This change turned to my best and everybody likes it, especially my wife. It also shows clearly that restrictions are only in the head of some people.

Okay, to be like a girl or women or even to be women is a sepererate topic and very individual and at least an own secret. I think a lot of men just want to wear skirted garments which makes sense because of their body shape. Pants are exactly opposite what men usually should wear, but that's the prize of fashion.

More and more men using skirts today and I think it is appropriate that men should wear proper underwear, in other words, panties when using skirts. Depend on the type of men and style of the skirt they should wear tights, too, otherwise men should shave legs.

It makes it nicer and skirts have a kind of elegance. Its not a case about being female,its the pure comfort and freedom of wearing a skirt. I have the full approval of my wife, who indeed encourages me to wear hold ups and panties which she buys for me, and also shares. Skirts are a unisex item, so whats the big deal about men wearing them. Atleast a third of the worlds male population ie the middle and far east wear them. Just as women successfully overcame the barrier between male and masculine to wear pants or trousers depending on what side of the pond you come from , so men need to overcome the barrier between female and feminine.

Skirts are feminine, not the preserve of the female state. I wear skirts or kilts often and yes,feminine underwear,but I am not female,just sometimes more feminine. We all worry far to much about gender issues. Different opinions about this issue. For myself a skirt isn't feminine at all, but women can express their femininity with skirts, dresses, pants and whatever.

The same with men. I can't call a woman dressed in an old skirt or dress specially feminine because of the outerwear style nor can I call a man masculine in an oversized suit. I don't know what people think when they talking about women's or men's underwear because there is only some kind of underwear typically for one gender because of practicability not because of fabric or color. If we make that all some easier we would not sexualize clothes and would use clothing like it is: Feeling well is the no.

I have been wearing panties for yrs my ex-wife didn't approve of it but did so any ways and when she was not around I would always wear her skirts and dresses and dress as a woman it relaxing and comfortable but can only do so at home and doing so makes u nothing less of a man I mean even though I do it I'm still a us solider that will be in afganastan soon and have a child but society just doest like the fact that we do so.

Hey US soldier, you're a part of the society, you are be able to change it if you really like to do it. Wear your skirts whenever you like, there are no laws against it, and if you watch a little bit the fashion recommendation s: But keep in mind that men's style are for men, women's for women. Skirts are very good for men's health and comfort, no doubt.

And I do not like to act as a female nor to dress like a women, I just enjoy the comfort of skirted garments which are made for men and women. As everybody now can see, there are so many different feelings, thoughts and possibilities which made clear that we cannot push individuals in one direction or in a cage like we do sometimes when we direct men and their way to dress. I just want to dress comfortly.

Women have their own dress rules, their own style, fabrics, pattern etc. I don't like to dress up as a women. What is the most important thing in every bodies life? Feeling very well in their "skin" , in other words feeling well and be healthy. And what is the most healthiest clothes for men and the most comfortable? Just guess if you don't know the answer. A skirt - no kidding, it is true!

It is true as said, a skirted garment is best for male anatomy. Just the question why men do not follow the simplest way to go comfy dressed.

Instead writingnthousands of blog they just should do what they want. We have tomadopt to it anyway, we did it with this boring outfit called suit in past and we will do it when wearingnskirted garments. It is just this step they have to go, each travel starts with one step. Waiting and talking doesn't help much. You are right Mara. But perhaps time are changing.

Just today i saw an older man with a beard wearing a long flowery skirt. He actually looked quite OK in it and I did not see any one around who took special notice of him. HI I love to dress in fem. I'm from the Dallas,Texas area and does anyone know if there are any crossdresser freindly stores in the area that wil let me try thing on at the store. What do you all do about your hair?

Do you have wigs? I am nearly bald and find that I look ridiculous in women's clothes, although i love to wear them. I love wearing women's clothes. Seems that at age of 6 I saw some of my mothers sundress on a bed, this was back in the early 80s, and put them on. From that point, I started wearing women's clothes. It came to the point that I made mom at age 12 buy me some dresses so that I wouldn't be putting on her clothes.

I also then put on some of my aunt's clothes without her knowing when she was pretty young. She is like 49 now so this was back when she was in her 20s and I was between 9 and I used to go to her place and walk into her closet and take stuff in my backpack. Then as I started working I started buying clothes from ebay, jcpenny, dillards, khols and a vintage website called etsy. And I bought underware, headbands, jewlery, and other women clothes.

Tried many times to grow my hair out and failed to keep it long. So now I had to buy a wig. But sometimes I just don't care. Wear dresses, Skirts, cardigans, blouses, women shirts, and cargo pants and women's overalls because I like them. In High school wanted to imitate the hot girls. Nowdays I like imitating celebrities and women on tv and women I see in my everyday life.

I like a mix between looking like a nice woman from about and a teen girl from today. I just like expressing my feminie side from time to time. Get bored of wearing just pants or shorts.

I especially get excited when I see tv's Kelly Ripa wears cute dresses. Makes me want to keep cross dressing. She prefers to keep me as a, "guy in a dress," than, "trying to pass. Yes, I would like to see a world where everyone could dress as the please.

I just adore dressing like a woman. Everything from lingerie to hi heels and makeup. My sisters used to dress me up when I was 7 and from the first time they did I was hooked. Now nearly 50 years later and an wardrobe most women would die for. I love becoming BrendaRenee each and every day of my life. Huggs and Kisses to everyone who loves to express their femininity!! In the mid 70's my wife decided to dress me en femme and I found that I loved it, but after about a week she changed her mind and had me stop.

Sointo the closet I went and dressed when she was out of town or gone for awhile. Last year I broached the subject of her being my mistress and after a day or so she agreed to be, Now I am her Sissy and take care of all her needs around the house and have never been happier. She keeps me in panties everyday and am to wear female clothing around the house, when cleaning she has me totally en femme. It is wonderful, she even takes me shopping for dresses and woman's clothes.

It was awhile coming but is marvelous to be her Sissy. I love wearing ruffled blouses and long full skirts. I saw a girl at the local shopping centre wearing an identical maxi gypsy skirt to one of mine and I look a whole lot better in it than she did.

Should I have told her? I can read the outcry of some of you want to wear whatever you like. If you are a male then take the advantage and do what we are doing in the past 60 years.

Be yourself and don't hesitate to show up with your real person in the real world. That's it what we are expecting to learn and see about you, and not just a marionette - puppet on strings enough around - and be honest to yourself.

I have several favorite outfits. I love to wear pleated skirts - above the knee and layered chiffon dresses with matching ruffled panties. My favorite is a square dance outfit ith three 30 yard petticoat. I almost always wear ultra-shear stockings stay-ups. I love the feel of the chiffon or petticoats brushing across my legs. I always wiggle my hips to enhance the effect.

Frillies always make me feel so feminine. It's okay to wear what the body likes or need nothing is more important in every bodies life to feel good and well. If you can do it with some kind of silky fabrics, it would help you tremendously. I do not see any reason that somebody will jugede that what I am wearing, just because it is ME! I do not have to show manly clothes which are scratchy, hard or something like that.

I am a man with whatever I wear, all others is just crap. I am so lucky to have a girl friend that encourages me to dress in girls clothing. She has bought my wardrobe and likes to take me shopping for cute things. My favorite is underware and short shorts along with skirts.

I have never dressed in public but I do most days for my girlfriend. She looks forward to what I put on firs thing in the morning. I am 68 and love the new me. I also love ladies bathing suit bottoms and do not wear a bra or top. I started for me when my cousins dressed me up as a little girl around 8 years old. I knew then it was something very apart of me and when I got a little older I dressed more and more. I repressed it for years at the cost of my own mental health and well being.

My wife approves and came out to my immediate family who love me dearly, like a load of bricks is off my shoulders for so many years.

I went on a shopping spree and am well stocked for many comfortable days ahead. It gives me a feeling of being my true self and love all the makeup, lingerie, heels etc. Shopping in womens sections is easy, no one seems to care. I wish I could say that shopping in womens' sections is easy.

That's where I get cold feet. If I were in a gay or very liberal neighborhood, then I think I could do this at the drop of a hankerchief. Otherwise, I could say that I'm shopping for a girlfriend, but in my experience, you have to be careful. They can sense if you're lying. Great to read those comments. I like when men honest telling the truth. Women have the same feeling when seeing men's clothing because it seems very easy to choose. Then you are right.

I LOVE wearing everything fem. I am a manly man but there are times i just want to feel sexy and jeans and a t-shirt don't cut it. I have a fetish for nylons and heels. This started at about 11 yrs. I am in my early 60's The thought of two men making love repulses me and I have never had any homosexual relationships.

I do not think that most people understand that the majority of cross dressers are straight. My wife found some of my things years ago and treated my like I was a pervert or a murderer. And someone called me sir. And it stopped me in my tracks.

Suppose they all thought I was a straight male cross-dresser. This is at a time, mind you, when I was leading very public Transexual Menace street demonstrations. And yet the idea that people might think I was a male cross-dresser literally made a cold, prickly sweat of shame break out all over my body under that expensive business suit. I know that most of the millions and millions of American cross-dressers remain severely hidden, not to mention completely ignored by the LGBT movement.

Cross-dressing is the final closet. As I explained to my daughter, it takes a real man like me to put on a cute dress and look good in it. She laughed, I made a face, and we walked on.

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